Grand Chase Tier List 2019

By | December 5, 2019

Grand chase tier is one of the famous game with its unique chase tier list. Every game is different from one another so the functions of each game are also different from each other. When you play the game you find a weapon or other things for the survival of the game.

Similarly, when you play the grand chase game this list becomes the survival of this game. Be careful when you are going to use tiers. But if you are serious about strong beginning then with the SR unit! This tier list will let you play your game like pros and you will be able to win this game.

The list contains the entire character list so you will already know the strength and weakness of those characters which character you should use at what time. So these conflicts will no more with you.

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Grand Chase Tier List

If you carefully analyse the tier list. On the other hand, this tier list will also help you in clearing the raid mode, dimensional crack missions. You can check out its link and visit it once.

Even if you a fresher to this game you must not worry. Because once you will have a tier list in your hand you would already know so many things. So when you would play then your difficulty will be less than more. So you have to follow up this solution> In the game, tap diary option> book> heroes> then the list of the grand chase tier will be in your hand. Or you can even get them by entering the practice mode. This is all interesting both the game and its process.

How to acquire S rank in Grand chase mobile

If you wondering and thinking about how you would get your answer then there are some things which you can get easily.

  • Platinum chest
  • Summon shop
  • Fusing heros.Wizzard’s labyrinth.

Visit the Diary> Book> hero> here you will find entire details about it. On the other hand in this tier list, you will get every information from small to big ones. So you will already know the pros and cons + bets gear set for them.

Name of some tier list

Name         Rank          Role
Lass               SR           Assault
Siegahart     SR           Assault
Elesis            SR           Assault
Dio                SR           Assault


There are some grand chase heroes

  • Ronan
  • Sage
  • Sachi
  • Ryan
  • Olivia
  • Arme
  • Cleo

Or if you are looking to get SR rank heroin grand chase mobile then here are some names which you might like

  • Guild point shop (SR ticket)
  • From Diamond chest
  • Via Hero fusion
  • Summon shop

So in total, there are so many things which you would love about this game and its list. These lists are really helpful in playing this game. They bring a familiarity with the game.

This way it helps you to play a game and not just play the game. It even let you win the game. So before you play this game you can check out this tier list and know characters before you meet them on the battleground.

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