Tier List

Elune Tier List

Elune Tier List

This Elune tier list ranks the best legends, known as Elunes, in tiers depending on how amazing as well as valuable they are. Intel accumulated to assemble this tier list comprises information from the Elune subreddit, just as suppositions from experienced players of the game. In any case, as the game is still in an …

Overhit Tier List

overhit tier list available

This Overhit tier list is another tier list for the Global server. This Overhit tier list was developed by players who committed some of the time into the games. Along these lines, the evaluation, just as the investigation of characters, can be abstractly right or wrong. Since again because the game is still in its …

Dragalia Lost Tier List

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier List

Adventurers crude force in a vacuum. Rather, it shows what Adventurers are generally mainstream and ready to clear end game substance, Master High Dragon Trials specifically. A higher level unit will have a simpler time seeing gatherings and is considered as the top decision for their individual substance. A lower-level unit may be feasible however …